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About us!

Vanessa Hertz

I used to always ask myself if I will work in Tourism or Event management after I’ve completed my A-levels. Laura, a good friend of mine, and nowadays my business partner as well, showed me how to combine Tourism and Event Management in one study program. Therefore, I started studying “Tourism and Event Management” at the Euro Business College, Hamburg. Organising all kinds of events, has always been one of my main interests.

During my study I organised different kinds of events in Dubai, the “Oriental fairy tale of 1000 and one Nights”. Planning and organising weddings, trades, fairs, incentives, meetings, and birthday parties in another culture became my daily life there. One semester I studied abroad in the Paradise of Hawaii where I got to know the “American Dream”. Between my classes I got to further advance my skill organising events like a Babyshowers, Beasch-Parties and the Graduation party of my friends.

After graduating with the diploma of “Tourism and Event Management” in September 2009 I’m back in home in Germany where I live in Kirchheim unter Teck now, which is close to Stuttgart. I realized that long-term friendships survive after different stays abroad and with different hometowns. Therefore, the spontaneous idea of starting a business together in the north and south of Germany with a good friend, was created.

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